Monday, January 23, 2006

"A Few More Details Please..."

Now that I described what that project is about in general and how it came to live, I should give a few more details on how I am going to realise it.

The maybe most importend question regarding such a project is "when", or even better "how long will it take you?". My goal is to have visited all African States until I finished my course of study. That gives me five to six years from now on.

Next question would be "how long per country?". I planned a seven days sojourn per country or longer. I think that is the minimal amount of time you need to get an idea on the situation of the country and maybe a short insight into the culture of the people. Because I know that a country is not a homogene structure I am planing to visit at least two regions during one trip.

"What are you going to do there?" is another very importend question. I do not think that traveling around like a sight-seeing-tourist would be useful. I want to find out more about the people and their situation, so I will have to get involved with them. I will try to do some work for developement aid programms while I am in the country. That will show me the real situatiion of the region and of course it will provide valuable experiences for my course of study. I am hoping that the University of Bayreuth will be able to provide most of the contacts to the projects, but in the time of modern comunication I will be able to search for those contacts myself, too (it´s just a bit more work that way ;-)


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